Advantages and disadvantages of Kevlar fiber phone case

Advantages and disadvantages of Kevlar fiber phone case

Kevlar is a kind of high-end scarce material that is hard, flexible, light, and high temperature resistant. It is widely used in bulletproof vests, armored tanks, aerospace and other military fields.

It has long-lasting and durable characteristics.
Compared with other materials, the Kevlar mobile phone case will be lighter and thinner, feel very good, will not fade, and the heat dissipation is also very good.
Compared with the silicone case, the transparent case, the heat dissipation of the Kevlar material is better. Better, and will not leave fingerprints.

For the disadvantages, I personally think that the Kevlar phone case has a relatively simple texture and color. It does not have various colors and patterns like many other materials on the market.
Most of the textures are similar and the colors are relatively low-key dark colors.
That kind of color may be more suitable for men, while women may feel that there is not much choice in color.

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