Carbon fiber custom drilling-manual drilling for carbon fiber custom drilling

It is well known that carbon fiber composite material is a kind of difficult-to-process material, and the tool wear is also very big. Drilling is a common and important process in the whole process of carbon fiber processing, it is difficult to drill carbon fiber composite by hand because it is easy to burn the data, the nominal quality of the hole is bad, the layer is layered and the hole is torn. Carbon fiber products manufacturers because of carbon fiber has very high material characteristics, so the strength of carbon fiber products, high hardness, far more than the same volume and weight of metal. Therefore, carbon fiber products in aviation, navigation, military and other high-tech industries have a wide range of applications. Carbon fiber products there is also a previous argument that carbon fiber products with the same mass of metal materials, carbon fiber strength equal to metal strength 12 times. Hobbycarbon shares the problem of hand-drilling carbon fiber and the solution to it.

carbon fiber countersunk


The following problems can occur with custom carbon fiber drilling by hand:

1. Drill bit wear.

Because the hardness of carbon fiber is commensurate with that of steel, it is not suitable to try the cutting tools with high-speed steel data. The cutting tools with high-hardness data, such as cemented carbide, ceramic, diamond, etc. , can be selected, when a handgun drill with a rotating speed of 6000 r/min is used to drill 4.85 mm holes on the carbon fiber composite material with a thickness of 7 mm, only 4 holes can be processed by high speed steel, and then the feed is very hard. 50-70 holes may be made by using a carbide bit on trial, the sound alloy bit with diamond coating, namely PCD coating, may drill 100-120 holes. Custom made carbon fiber products there is also a previous argument that carbon fiber products with the same mass of metal materials, carbon fiber strength equal to metal strength 12 times.


2. Data Burn.

In some cases, the cutting tool is not sharp enough, which causes the manual drilling to be slow and prolongs the drilling time and the friction time between the cutting tool and the data. As a result, more heat is generated and the temperature of the local data location and the data tool rises sharply, causes the data to burn, the twist drill bit because in the drill point place horizontal edge existence, causes the above scene easily. It is possible to solve the above problems by using a dagger drill, whose spiral angle is 90 ° , and the tool has a small contact area with the data without a horizontal edge at the drill point, so the heat generated during the processing is also small.


3. Dust.

In the process of drilling carbon fiber composite materials, it is possible to try to use cooling fluid to take away the dust produced by drilling, to avoid the dust drifting into the air, to avoid the persecution of the environment and human body. However, it is not convenient to add coolant in the process of manual drilling, and it is not easy to clean up after carbon fiber delamination is confused with coolant, so it is possible to use drilling tools with absorbent attachments.

4. Layering

When drilling by hand, the feed speed is completely controlled by the workers by hand, so it is very unstable. This is an important factor that makes manual drilling unstable, the company recommends that the feed rate of the hand-held hole may be increased by an adjustable hydraulic system on individual pneumatic drills, by adjusting the hydraulic pressure to counteract the manual thrust of the worker, in addition to the feed rate of the individual tool holder, for example, a high-speed drill made by Hi-shear Tool Company in the United States is a tool that uses hydraulic control devices to control the tool feed speed.


In addition, the rotation speed of the tool also affects the axial force. For manual drilling, when the rotation speed of the tool is particularly high, it will be very difficult for human hands to guarantee the firmness of the tool and the tool in the drilling process. On the contrary, the drilling quality will show a downward trend, therefore, as the production and customized processing of carbon fiber companies believe that in order to protect the data and the overall loss rate, processing technology is an important reference.

Post time: Sep-10-2021