Carbon fiber is not perfect, these 3 disadvantages must be understood!

When it comes to carbon fiber, many people’s first reaction may be “Black stripes”, indeed the appearance of carbon fiber products in the black stripes in various applications can be described as a Nothing in Common, vivid impression. More talked about is the high strength of carbon fiber materials, so many impossible become possible. But carbon fiber is not perfect, and it has its own disadvantages and drawbacks.

Carbon fiber is a kind of molecular structure containing more than 90% carbon, which is hexagonal in shape, stable in state and excellent in performance. It weighs less than aluminum but is stronger than stainless steel. But carbon fiber can not be used alone, it needs to be fused with other matrix materials to form different types of carbon fiber composites, such as resin-based, metal-based, ceramic-based and rubber-based.

Carbon fiber inserts plate

The strength of carbon fiber composites continued carbon fiber, but decreased, and the properties of matrix materials also affected the comprehensive properties of the composites. At present, the commonly used resin-based carbon fiber composites have the advantages of light weight, high strength, high modulus, good impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high designability, etc. .

shaped carbon fiber tube

3 disadvantages or defects of carbon fiber materials:

1. It’s expensive: whether it’s carbon fiber precursor fibers or carbon fiber composites, the better they perform, the more expensive they are. Carbon fiber materials used in military aircraft, rockets, and satellites are extremely expensive, comparable to gold. Price is one of the big reasons why carbon fiber is not widely available in the civilian sector.

2. Easy to puncture: products made of carbon fiber composite materials, such as sheets, pipes, and cloth, have higher strength but lower hardness, and carbon fiber products are subject to greater impact force locally and are easy to puncture, the advantage of this point metal material is greater.

3, Not aging: for resin-based carbon fiber composites, the aging problem has been difficult to solve, this is because the resin itself by long-term light aging, color will gradually become pale or even white, many cyclists should know that carbon fiber bikes need to be kept in the shade. This aging is slow, at first will not affect the product performance, but over time, the resin melt or off, the overall performance can not be guaranteed.

Carbon fiber material in the actual use, the advantages are very obvious, there are also obvious disadvantages, the real perfect material does not exist. It is the right way to apply carbon fiber materials that make the best of their advantages and avoid their disadvantages.

Post time: Sep-07-2021