Common carbon fiber applications?

Common carbon fiber applications?

With technological innovation and upgrading and the reduction of manufacturing costs, we see that carbon fiber has expanded to more and more industries. Below we have listed some application areas where carbon fiber has mature technology to help guide you to use the high performance of carbon fiber. Provide unique solutions.

Carbon fiber materials are very suitable for fuselage parts and rotor arms of recreational or industrial drones.
Carbon fiber can be used in a wide range of applications from diving fins to kayak accessories and boat building and decoration.

In the field of bicycle manufacturing, carbon fiber has the best weight, stiffness, durability and ease of use parameters. Therefore, it can withstand high impacts, allowing athletes to reach the finish line faster.

Due to its high strength, light weight and low damping, carbon fiber has become an ideal material for musical instrument manufacturing, capable of making musical instruments comparable to the most expensive wooden models.

The increased strength-to-weight ratio of the carbon fiber material not only makes the racket lighter, but also allows better control of the manufacturing process and the quality of the racket to improve the comfort, control and strength of use.

Post time: Nov-15-2021

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