Does the texture on the surface of the carbon fiber board affect its performance?

Does the texture on the surface of the carbon fiber board affect its performance?

Carbon fiber is a black non-metallic material. The surface of the carbon fiber board made of carbon fiber does not have any texture. In order to meet the customer’s requirements for surface texture, we will choose to post carbon fiber prefabricated with different textures such as plain and twill on the surface of the carbon fiber board. Dipping. Many people may have questions. Does the texture of carbon fiber have any effect on the performance of carbon fiber products?

As we all know, carbon fiber is generally not used alone, and is often fused with metal, ceramic, resin and other matrices to make carbon fiber composite materials. Among them, the carbon fiber plays the main bearing role, while the resin matrix is ​​the consolidation role. The force acting on the carbon fiber is generally parallel and perpendicular. When subjected to an external force, the carbon fiber product will transfer the external force to the carbon fiber, which can ensure that the performance of the carbon fiber composite material is not damaged.

When designing the carbon fiber board layup, it is necessary to analyze its stress, so as to optimize the design of the carbon fiber arrangement direction and the layup direction of the carbon fiber prepreg, which can better exert the performance advantages of the carbon fiber board. Therefore, the direction of carbon fiber weaving plays an important role in the optimization of carbon fiber board design.

On the surface of the carbon fiber board, there are two types of weave patterns, plain weave and twill weave, that are often used. The plain weave carbon fiber prepreg has more interwoven points on the surface. This weaving method can make the prepreg stronger and smoother, and has a higher elongation rate when subjected to external tensile forces. The surface of the twill woven carbon fiber prepreg has a diagonal pattern with a certain angle with the fiber arrangement direction, and its tear resistance is excellent. The carbon fiber board is formed by layering and curing carbon fiber prepreg cloth, so it is necessary to select a carbon fiber prepreg cloth with a suitable weave pattern according to its stress.

7.0mm thick carbon fiber board

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