First Look: Cutting method and feature of carbon fiber cutting machine

    Carbon fiber is one of the most common materials in composite materials. It is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding and automobile industries. An important process in the production process of carbon fiber products is cutting. For new friends in some industries, cutting and It is not very clear. In the process of R&D and production of carbon fiber cutting machines, we have in-depth research on the CNC cutting process of carbon fiber. The following explains how to effectively cut carbon fiber plates.

    Carbon fiber plate is generally composed of epoxy resin and carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber is resistant to high temperature, but the general resin matrix is not resistant to high temperature. When processing carbon fiber plate, if high temperature occurs, it will basically become soft. At this time, it is more difficult to cut carbon fiber directly, which will cause great loss to the cutting tool. Therefore, the temperature must be lowered when cutting carbon fiber plate. Carbon fiber cloth has a special carbon fiber cloth cutting machine. There are no special tools for cutting carbon fiber plate, but the cutting methods of traditional materials are equally applicable. For example, CNC cutting, water cutting, ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting, etc. can be used on carbon fiber plate .

carbon fiber cutting parts

Cutting method

1. The carbon fiber cutting machine adopts a rolling platform type, which automatically feeds materials for cutting, and does not need to be manually pulled, which increases work efficiency. The width of the carbon fiber cutting machine can be customized, and the vacuum suction setting is not difficult to cut small samples.

2.The carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine is equipped with various tools such as vibrating knife, drag knife, round knife (optional driving wheel knife, pneumatic round knife) and drawing pen tools. Depending on the different requirements of different materials, it can realize such as writing and drawing lines. , Dotted line cutting, half-cutting, full-cutting and other functions that can cut and draw single/multi-layer glass fiber, glass fiber cotton, prepreg, carbon fiber, carbon fiber felt, aramid fiber, glass fiber cotton felt, fireproof insulation cotton and other flexible materials.

3.Carbon fiber cutting machine cuts composite materials such as prepreg, unsaturated polyester, epoxy, phenolic, glass fiber, carbon fiber, acrylic sheet, silk ring foot mat, etc.. In addition, the carbon fiber cloth cutting machine adopts the head control mode of the Mitsubishi servo motor screw mode, and uses the program control motor to automatically adjust the cutting depth , the fixed method of vacuum suction and partition suction, so that the small sample cutting is no longer a problem.


1. The platform monitoring function of the carbon fiber cutting machine solves the problem of uneven platform caused by transportation.

2. Adsorption method: Vacuum adsorption can make carbon fiber, glass fiber, prepreg and other composite materials close to the table, and the partition suction makes it easy to cut small samples.

3. The thickness of the knife can be controlled at will. For the cutting of the required thickness, the computer can control the cutting of any thickness.

4. Operation mode: The carbon fiber cutting machine can be connected to any ordinary computer (including notebook), no need to be equipped with a high-end computer, if the computer fails, the ordinary computer can be easily replaced to operate the equipment, and the previous computer link failure can also be completely eliminated.

5. Data port: Ethernet transmission is adopted, and the transmission speed is faster than serial, parallel, and USB interfaces.

6. Carbon fiber cutting machine has a buffer capacity of 2GB and can store multiple files.

Post time: Sep-16-2021