Forming process of carbon fiber rectangular tube

Forming process of carbon fiber rectangular tube

There are three types of carbon fiber rectangular tube molding processes, pultrusion molding, compression molding and airbag molding.
Our main process is the latter two. Today let us introduce in detail the molding process of the two

1. Compression molding
Compression molding generally involves cutting prepregs, laying them at a certain angle, putting them in a molding press, and heating and pressing to solidify them. The mold is generally composed of upper and lower molds and core molds, and the mold material is steel. The mold making time is relatively long, generally about one month.

1. The production cycle time is long, the production efficiency is slow, and more labor is involved (prepreg cutting, layup, moulding, demoulding, surface treatment, etc.)
2. High product cost
3. The prepreg layering angle is flexible, and the layering method can be flexibly designed according to the force.
4. The size is accurate and stable, and the mechanical properties are good. It is an important production process for the production of high-performance carbon fiber composite pipe fittings. It is widely used in the production of aerospace and military equipment. Both the carbon fiber fighter frame and the carbon fiber manipulator are manufactured by this process, with reliable performance and stable quality.
5. Product size is affected by mold size and equipment size, and there are few male molds.

2. Airbag molding
The process is improved from the compression molding process, in which the original core mold is changed from metal to the form of an airbag. The carbon fiber composite material is pressurized by inflating the airbag to generate expansion force, and the metal outer mold is pressurized and heated to make the carbon fiber composite The material is solidified, and the process can make carbon fiber special-shaped pipe fittings with complex structure.

1. The process principle is the same as the above-mentioned compression molding.
2. Usually the inner wall is not smooth, and the thickness tolerance is larger than the above-mentioned compression molding.
3. It is suitable for manufacturing carbon fiber special-shaped structural pipe fittings that have no requirements on the inner wall and no inner size assembly.

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