How is the carbon fiber cloth fixed and processed?

Bonding CFRP reinforcement is not like bonding steel reinforcement, CFRP reinforcement is a relatively simple reinforcement construction. So how is the carbon fiber cloth fixed? Here’s a look at the CFRP strengthening process:

1, first to the base surface treatment, full grinding, without any attachment. Then roll coated carbon fiber leveling glue, and correct the misfit, on the ink line.

2, then roll coated carbon fiber impregnated adhesive to the bonding surface, the amount of adhesive must be full. Then cut the good carbon fiber cloth to paste on the concrete surface, carbon fiber cloth to be straight, stretch.

3. Roll the carbon fiber impregnating glue on the carbon fiber cloth to ensure that the surface of the carbon fiber cloth is fully covered and the fiber in the carbon fiber cloth is fully impregnated. And the use of scraper rolling repeatedly to make carbon fiber cloth flat, stretch, no bubbles, carbon fiber glue full penetration.

4, roll coating carbon fiber impregnating glue again, make it permeate, and use scraper to scratch repeatedly to remove foam. Finally, the coated surface was sprayed with sand (quartz sand) of 3 ~ 6mm to ensure the adhesion of the painting layer.

rigid carbon fiber sheet

As a new type of reinforcement material, carbon fiber cloth has a wide range of applications. For example, bridge reinforcement, road repair, even the repair and reinforcement of cracks in the high-speed railway tunnel are no problem. Although carbon fiber cloth is a thin piece, when it meets carbon fiber glue, it can greatly increase the strength and tensile strength of concrete structure.

Post time: Nov-04-2021

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