Performance comparison of carbon fiber tube and glass fiber tube

 Performance comparison of carbon fiber tube and glass fiber tube

Carbon fiber tube and glass fiber pipe are two application forms of composite tubes. carbon fiber tube is made by winding, pultrusion or winding of carbon fiber prepreg, while glass fiber tube is drawn and extruded by glass fiber and resin. The pipes of these two materials are widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sports and other industries. What are the differences in their performance?

The density of carbon fiber tube is 1.6g/cm ³, which is less than that of aluminum alloy, the tensile strength of steel pipe is 300 ~ 600MPa, the tensile strength of aluminum alloy pipe is 110 ~ 136MPa, and the tensile strength of carbon fiber tube is about 1500MPa. The thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fiber composite is-1.4×10 ^-6, which can ensure that the size of the product is stable and not easy to deform. The fatigue strength limit of carbon fiber tube is 70% ~ 80% of its tensile strength. When working under long-term alternating load, the carbon fiber tube is more stable and has a longer service life. And the carbon fiber material has good electrical conductivity and excellent electromagnetic shielding performance.

The density of glass fiber tube 2.53~2.55g/cm ³is heavier than that of carbon fiber tube of the same specification, tensile strength 100 ~ 300MPa, modulus of elasticity 7000MPa, elongation at break 1.554%, Poisson’s ratio 0.22, coefficient of thermal expansion 4.8×10 ^-4. The strain is also relatively large, and when the strain reaches 1% ~ 2%, the resin will break, so the allowable bearing stress of the glass fiber tube does not exceed 60% of the limit stress, while the carbon fiber tube has a large elastic modulus and can maintain good mechanical properties under the limit stress condition.

To sum up, carbon fiber tube has more advantages than glass fiber tube in mechanical properties, but each of them has its own application field, for example, glass fiber tube is needed in the scene where insulation is needed.


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