Processing technic analyze for carbon fiber

The early 1950s, due to the development of cutting-edge technology for rocket and aerospace, a kind of new material with more high-strength and more heat resisting is urgently needed. This brings the birth of carbon fiber. Below, we will learn the production process through the following steps: 


1. Crop 

Prepreg is taken out from the cold storage room with -18 degree, after thawing, proceed precisely crop according to the drawing by automatic cutting machine.


 2. Pave and paste 

Pave and paste the prepreg above the frock, process different flies per the design requirement, all the process are under laser positioning.


 3. Molding 

Through the automatic carry robot, carry preforming material to the molding press, then proceed PCM.


4. Cutting 

After molding, carry workpiece to the cutting robot work station, proceed cutting and burring to assure the dimensional accuracy.


 5. Cleanout 

At the cleaning station, proceed dry ice cleaning, wipe off mold release.


6. Gumming 

At gumming robot station, gum structural adhesive.


7. Assemble and test 

After gumming, proceed assembly for the plate of inside and outside, and proceed the blue light test after the adhesive solidifying, assure the dimensional accuracy for the key hole site, spot, string and side.

Post time: Aug-27-2021