The development prospects of carbon fiber composite drone parts are broad

    As we know, carbon fiber drones has been widely used in life. It has the strong pressure resistance of carbon materials and the softness of fiber materials at the same time, which is a hundred times thinner than hair. Carbon fiber materials are made from petroleum and chemical fiber through special processes, with strong corrosion resistance, toughness and light weight, and are widely used in both civil and military applications.

   At the same time, it is also one of the important materials used in small drones, which plays a vital role in maintaining the stability of small drones. As a practitioner, FMS clearly feels that drone manufacturers’ demand for carbon fiber material components is gradually increasing, and the proportion of carbon fiber drone components in the overall aircraft is also continuing to increase. Although our country’s development of carbon fiber technology is still in the growth stage, we believe that we will make greater breakthroughs in the future.

carbon fiber cutting parts

1. Design

    As a new type of composite material, carbon fiber drone parts are different from mature and exquisite metal materials in terms of performance characteristics and material mechanisms. Therefore, there should be a distinction in structural design. The structure of mechanically copied metal materials. Otherwise, the produced carbon fiber drone parts may be far inferior to the metal structure in terms of performance and condition, or the cost may exceed the user’s acceptable range and cannot be put on the market.

    Whether carbon fiber composite materials can be more widely used in small drones, the key lies in the development of composite materials with more optimized structure and more stable performance, so that carbon fiber materials can replace metal materials. At present, the domestic technology in this area is lacking, and it is necessary to strengthen the establishment of related technical teams.

2. Research and development

   When developing and appraising carbon fiber drone parts, the traditional standards are mainly in terms of specific strength and specific rigidity, thus ignoring the development of other properties of carbon fiber materials. In the manufacturing process of small drones, carbon fiber materials are the main part of composite materials, but not all. Therefore, the compatibility and matching degree of carbon fiber materials with other materials must be considered.

    In the process of R&D and appraisal, it is necessary to evaluate the complete performance of the composite materials in the drone structure. From this point of view, it is necessary to develop carbon fiber composite materials that are more in line with the development of small drone.

3. Performance

    During the flight of small drone, impact resistance is a more important issue. The structural system of small drones is more complicated. It is recommended to use different composite materials according to different structures. Therefore, the carbon fiber drone accessories used should be different.

    In order to meet the overall needs of small drones, the carbon fiber material technology must be upgraded and comprehensively evaluated according to the different needs of different structures, and then the corresponding performance standards must be determined.

4. Cost

   For carbon fiber drone accessories to be further widely used, cost control is a link that cannot be ignored. This includes reducing the manufacturing cost of carbon fiber materials, reducing the manufacturing cost of composite materials, and reducing the manufacturing cost of molding technology, and controlling the cost of carbon fiber drone accessories within a certain range through technological transformation and upgrading.

The development of small drones has huge market prospects. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, with the continuous improvement of carbon fiber drone accessories technology, the development of small drones will definitely get better and better.

Post time: Sep-17-2021