What are the performance advantages of carbon fiber medical plate

Carbon fiber composite materials have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good fatigue resistance, and high X-ray transmittance. It is not uncommon for carbon fiber composite materials to be used in the medical field.

Lightweight and high strength, as long as carbon fiber is mentioned, people first think of this advantage. The carbon fiber medical board is light in weight and easy to carry. It has high strength and strong bearing capacity, especially for stretchers and medical beds, these two points are particularly important. The anti-fatigue performance of the carbon fiber medical bed board is also very good. Even if the fiber is broken, the load will be quickly divided to other unbroken fibers, which will not cause harm to personnel in a short time.

The X-ray transmittance of the carbon fiber medical board is also extremely high, which can be as high as 96% or more. When it is made into a foam sandwich structure, compared with traditional plywood medical boards and phenolic resin medical boards. It not only has better load-bearing capacity, but also has less radiation and clear imaging. It reduces X-ray damage to patients. It is also convenient for doctors to diagnose.

Carbon fiber composite materials have a high degree of freedom in design, which is different from metal materials. Generally, the strength of metal materials is given, while carbon fiber medical boards can exert better effects based on reasonable designs. For example, the carbon fiber medical board has a single force direction, and we can use a one-way layup method to maximize the strength in this direction.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021

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