Why is the price of carbon fiber so high? How do the downstream market pass over the “bank”?

Why is the price of carbon fiber so high? 

  1. The market requirement is growing with each passing day.
    1. The data display, the growth rate will keep around 17 percent for China market requirement of carbon fiber in future.
    2. Except apply to offshore wind power and aerospace, the carbon fiber also has the high position in the field of building.
  2. There is big fluctuation exist in global market for raw material and logistics. The rise in price for the main raw material of carbon fiber precursor bring the cost raise for precursor production. And the shortage of global container also bring the cost raise for logistics of carbon fiber.
  3. The imbalance between supply and demand is intensifying the rise in price of carbon fiber.

How do the downstream market pass over the “bank”? 

  1. The enterprise need to improve the communication with customers, change the mind to “quality first” instead of “low price first”. Under circumstance of insisting high quality, proceed the effective price adjustment.
  2. The enterprise need to focus on the scale efficiency of carbon fiber production, then improve the use ratio of self-resource.
  3. Improve the application technology product development, then provide the fresh kinetic energy for industry development.

Post time: Aug-24-2021