Why use carbon fiber plate?

Light weight:

The carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber cloth and epoxy resin. It can be made into carbon fiber boards of different thicknesses and sizes according to the needs of customers. Normally, the weight of carbon fiber board is less than 1/4 of steel material, which provides a better choice for many customers who like RC hobby.

High strength and stiffness

The ratio of carbon fiber material strength to density can reach 2000Mpa/(g/cm3), while steel material can only reach 59Mpa/(g/cm3). In contrast, various products made of carbon fiber (carbon fiber boards, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber furniture, drones, carbon fiber musical instruments, etc.) have been loved by more and more people.

Resistance to Corrosion & Chemicals

Carbon fiber products are made of carbon fiber cloth and epoxy resin through high temperature and high pressure. Epoxy resin is not easy to corrode or rust. The carbon in carbon fiber is extremely strong and resistant to oxidation. Some customers choose to use it in maritime affairs. The further expands the market for carbon fiber use.


Due to the high-quality properties of carbon fiber, how to choose high-quality carbon fiber is very important:

1)  Carbon fiber sheet is generally composed of UD cloth and 3K cloth. UD cloth needs to be made into a carbon fiber product that meets the standard with black and smooth color, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

2) Different manufacturers on the market may have different craftsmanship, and may have the same raw materials, but there will also be quality products. When purchasing, you should choose cost-effective carbon fiber boards, so that the quality of customers’ products can be accurately guaranteed.

3) Well-known brands and technical teams are all important. The carbon fiber of Feimoshi is a cost-effective product made of imported carbon cloth and resin.

4) The after-sales team plays an equally important role. Our company has a professional technical team to provide reliable after-sales guarantee for customers’ products. Any quality problems will be borne by us.

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