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Shenzhen Feimoshi Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the innovative Longgang, Shenzhen. We have been in the carbon fiber market for more than ten years. During this period, we have accumulated rich experience in carbon fiber production. Not only can we provide customers with carbon fiber sheets and carbon fiber tubes, but we can also customize special-shaped carbon fiber accessories according to customer drawings, such as Carbon fiber canopy, carbon fiber furniture, carbon fiber musical instruments and RC accessories, etc.

Carbon fiber board is made of carbon fiber cloth and resin through high temperature and high pressure. We can produce carbon fiber boards with a width of 1000mm and unlimited length. Meantime, we can provide customized large models with CNC cutting to 1000mm(width) ×3000mm(Length), and customized boards of various thicknesses.

It is also our advantage, such as 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 15.0mm, 20.0mm, etc., which provides various realization possibilities for customers with creative ideas. Carbon fiber tubes are made into various styles of roll-wrapped tubes through molds, such as round tubes, octagonal tubes, square tubes, and so on. Carbon fiber products can be used in different industries such as drones, medicine, industry, and automobiles. As carbon fiber is used more and more in our daily life, more people have more and more knowledge about carbon fiber, adhering to its own light weight and sufficient rigidity, more people choose this new type material for application in various fields. We have always insisted on providing customers with high-quality products, professional technical support and after-sales service team.

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