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Carbon fibers are generally not used alone, but in the form of composite materials. Composite material refers to a new type of material with certain special functions and structures formed by combining two or more materials. The material composition can be generally understood as matrix material + reinforcement material, among which the matrix material is mostly resin, ceramic, metal, Rubber and other materials, the reinforcing material is often glass fiber or carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber Cnc, Composite Cnc, Composite Frame, Carbon Fiber Panel Sheet,Cnc Cutting. In the process process before and after painting, it is also necessary to carry out processes such as trimming, sandblasting, grinding, etc. The required manpower and time consumption are also very large, so it can directly cause the carbon fiber tube and other carbon fiber products. The production cycle is relatively long. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Greece, Thailand,Lisbon, Hungary.Carbon fiber board can directly process flat parts, which is relatively simple. In the design, it is best to use a comprehensive molding design structure to optimize the structure as much as possible. Because carbon fiber composites have poor toughness and are not resistant to mechanical friction, metal connections are usually required to achieve combined structures between parts.

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