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The molding methods of carbon fiber products mainly include two ways: First, the molding process, the molding is to place the carbon fiber material between the upper and lower molds, under the action of the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic press, the material fills the mold cavity and removes the residual Air, after a period of high temperature and high pressure, solidifies the resin in the carbon fiber material, and a carbon fiber product can be obtained after demolding. This process greatly reduces the production cost, and has high production efficiency, and is suitable for forming carbon fiber products with complex structures. Second, the autoclave forming process, the autoclave is a special container that can withstand and adjust the stability and pressure within a certain range. The carbon fiber prepreg is laid on the surface of the mold coated with mold release agent, and then covered with mold release cloth, suction felt, isolation film, and air felt in turn, sealed in a vacuum bag, and heated and cured in an autoclave. Before, it needs to be vacuumed to check the tightness, and then put into an autoclave for curing and molding under the action of high temperature and high pressure. This process is suitable for load-bearing structural parts that require high mechanical properties. Hexagon Carbon Fiber Tube, Carbon Fiber Mechanical Keyboard, Rc Racing Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Panel,Cut Carbon Fiber. When the surface moisture is completely dry, you can design and make the driving path of the spray gun according to the shape of the carbon fiber tube to carry out spray painting. When painting, pay attention to the evenness of the paint. Generally, the carbon fiber tube has to be sprayed three times: topcoat, varnish, and surface clear paint, and each time it is sprayed, it must be baked once. During the whole process of painting, it is found that there are paint particles or dents on the surface of the carbon fiber tube, and it must be polished or compensated until the surface is smooth, so that the painting process of the carbon fiber tube is completed. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Belgium, Greece,Italy, Johor.Disadvantages of carbon fiber frames: (1) Complicated internal stress calculation; carbon fiber frame is composed of carbon fiber, which is characterized by strong tensile strength, but weak breaking compressive strength. Rigidity), the carbon fiber sheet is re-formed according to the calculation. The production and processing technology varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is important to select products from reliable manufacturers with work experience.(2). It is difficult to change the specifications; it is difficult to change the specifications because the molds are formed after forming. There is no way to correspond to order information of multiple specifications and styles.(3). Aging; will the application of epoxy resin cause aging? This is a study of the subject of beings, and it will slowly turn white when placed under the sun. Naturally this situation is related to the technicality of the manufacturer. Try not to place it in the sun.

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