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The molding methods of carbon fiber products mainly include two ways: First, the molding process, the molding is to place the carbon fiber material between the upper and lower molds, under the action of the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic press, the material fills the mold cavity and removes the residual Air, after a period of high temperature and high pressure, solidifies the resin in the carbon fiber material, and a carbon fiber product can be obtained after demolding. This process greatly reduces the production cost, and has high production efficiency, and is suitable for forming carbon fiber products with complex structures. Second, the autoclave forming process, the autoclave is a special container that can withstand and adjust the stability and pressure within a certain range. The carbon fiber prepreg is laid on the surface of the mold coated with mold release agent, and then covered with mold release cloth, suction felt, isolation film, and air felt in turn, sealed in a vacuum bag, and heated and cured in an autoclave. Before, it needs to be vacuumed to check the tightness, and then put into an autoclave for curing and molding under the action of high temperature and high pressure. This process is suitable for load-bearing structural parts that require high mechanical properties. Carbon Fiber Cutting Part, Carbon Fiber Race Car Parts, Drill Carbon Boom, Carbon Fiber Tube Accessories,Carbon Fiber Tripod. Carbon fiber can be divided into polythiophene-based carbon fiber, bitumen-based carbon fiber, viscose-based carbon fiber, phenolic resin-based carbon fiber, and gas chromatography-grown carbon fiber according to the source of raw materials; Model and very high solid model carbon fiber; divided into long filament, short fiber and chopped fiber according to the situation; divided into general-purpose and high-performance type according to structural mechanical properties. Universal carbon fiber has a strength of 1000Mpa and a modulus of up to 100GPa. High-performance carbon fiber is divided into high-strength type (strength 2000Mpa, modulus 250GPa) and high solid model (modulus above 300GPa). Those whose strength exceeds 4000Mpa are also called ultra-high-strength models; those whose modulus exceeds 450Gpa are called extremely high solid models. Along with the development trend of the aerospace and aerospace industries, high-strength and high-elongation carbon fibers have also been produced, with a tensile strength of more than 2%. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Danish, Afghanistan,Norway, Philippines.Carbon Fiber Forming: Carbon fiber sheets made of epoxy glue are not thermoset (thermoformable) - the finished sheet cannot be heated and bent to maintain the bent shape. Carbon fiber laminate does not stretch easily like plastic. You can get very insufficient permanent index of refraction in an orientation above high fever, but because of this difficulty, we do not strongly recommend the application. Molded pieces are possible, but the carbon fiber fabric must be stored in the mold and the epoxy glue introduced prior to the heating/drying process.

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