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Carbon fiber tube is one of the more common application forms of carbon fiber composite materials in industrial, civil, medical and other fields. Due to its advantages of light weight, high strength and flexible design, it has the development trend of becoming a new generation of parts and components. Carbon Fiber Oars, Carbon Fiber Panel, Rigid Carbon Fiber Plate, Rc Carbon Fiber Frame,Carbon Fiber Guitar Body. When the surface moisture is completely dry, you can design and make the driving path of the spray gun according to the shape of the carbon fiber tube to carry out spray painting. When painting, pay attention to the evenness of the paint. Generally, the carbon fiber tube has to be sprayed three times: topcoat, varnish, and surface clear paint, and each time it is sprayed, it must be baked once. During the whole process of painting, it is found that there are paint particles or dents on the surface of the carbon fiber tube, and it must be polished or compensated until the surface is smooth, so that the painting process of the carbon fiber tube is completed. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,United Kingdom, Mexico,Portugal, Cancun.There are many kinds of carbon fiber tube production processes, such as winding molding, pultrusion molding, compression molding, roll molding, autoclave molding, air bag molding, etc., carbon fiber tubes with different needs often use different production processes. Common square tube molding and round tube rolling. The carbon fiber prepreg is used here, minus the impregnation process. Can improve production efficiency.

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