Analysis of the advantages of carbon fiber CT bed board and carbon fiber operating bed

As a representative lightweight material, carbon fiber products are very popular in many lightweight fields. They not only have the high-performance advantages of carbon fiber materials, but also have many other advantages, such as fatigue resistance. , corrosion resistance, shock absorption performance, including low thermal expansion coefficient, and CT bed boards in the medical equipment industry, then this article will talk about the advantages of VIA New Materials’ carbon fiber CT bed boards.

Traditional medical bed boards are mainly absolute electroplating boards. The X-ray transmittance in use is relatively low, which makes the imaging effect relatively poor. This is very different from the refraction and scattering of X-rays after transmission. , then after using the CT bed board made of carbon fiber material, you will find that its performance advantages are very high.

Better load-bearing capacity. Carbon fiber materials have very high strength properties, which makes the bed board more load-bearing. After use, the load-bearing capacity will be even better, which greatly meets the load-bearing performance requirements of the bed board.

The mass star is lower, the carbon fiber CT bed board and the carbon fiber operating bed board are lighter, so they can be moved easily in the hospital, and can quickly meet the needs of use and complete the corresponding work.

It has better corrosion resistance. The carbon fiber material has very good acid resistance, hardening resistance and oxidation resistance. This makes the bed board less likely to corrode after it comes into contact with medical items, chemicals, etc. during use, which will affect the follow-up. usage of.

In addition, there is a very high performance advantage in the use of carbon fiber CT bed boards, that is, the permeability and scattering refraction loss of the front line in CT imaging are lower, and the permeability is better, which can make CT imaging clearer. In addition, the amount of rays emitted during VY is less, which will not have a great radiation impact on our medical patients, and will also allow our doctors to understand the patient’s imaging situation more clearly.

In addition, the surface of the carbon fiber operating table is flat and smooth. It is light but has good fatigue resistance and high impact resistance. It can extend the service life of the entire operating table during use and does not require frequent replacement and maintenance. It is suitable for heavy patients. Don’t worry about using it.

These are the reasons why CT bed boards and operating bed boards are made of carbon fiber. Current medical equipment manufacturers use carbon fiber bed boards on new CT bed boards and carbon fiber operating beds.

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Post time: Nov-28-2023

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