Advantages and disadvantages of agricultural drones

With the development of the times, more and more people advocate the use of large-scale planting of crops, which can not only meet our demand for food,

but also carry out large-scale mechanized production and save labor.

At present, with the continuous improvement of human living standards, more and more people choose to use automated machinery for production.

This has also led to the more common use of agricultural drones in life.

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The following are the advantages and disadvantages of agricultural drones:

1. It can spray pesticides and monitor pests and diseases through drones. Improve farming efficiency.

2. It can monitor the growing environment of crops in real time to ensure the healthy growth of crops.

3. Ability to use hyperspectral imagery to identify different geographic categories. Find the best environment for crops to grow and what crops to grow where.

4. The UAV can also use the hyperspectrometer to image the distribution of chlorophyll A in crops to judge the growth of crop leaves and return the data.

Disadvantages of agricultural drones:

special aviation medicine is required;

the load is not large, and the battery life is short, and the ordinary Qijiang River needs to be added;

the cost is high, and it is not suitable for small-scale crops.

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Post time: Jun-22-2022

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