Advantages of carbon fiber parts application in the field of drones

With the continuous development of high-performance carbon fiber materials, they have been very well applied in many fields and industries, especially in the field of lightweight, including the field of drones.

There are many carbon fiber drone parts that have successfully eliminated traditional parts products. This article will talk about the five major advantages of the application of carbon fiber drone parts.

1. Good fall resistance.

Carbon fiber material has very good impact resistance, which can be used in drone shell applications to prevent the drone from falling and being damaged when it encounters a collision or misoperation during flight, causing the drone to fall and be damaged. The overall service life of the drone is better.

2. Good corrosion resistance.

Carbon fiber material has a very high performance advantage of being resistant to wear and tear and oxidation. This is closely related to the fact that the carbon fibers in the carbon fiber material have a carbon crystal structure. The overall chemical stability is good and unlike metal materials, they are not easy to rust. Corrosion: Unlike plastic materials that are easily oxidized, drone parts made of carbon fiber materials have very good corrosion resistance. When the drone encounters rain and other conditions during flight, it is not easy to be corroded and damaged.

3. Lighter quality.

The density of carbon fiber materials is very low, only 1.5g/cm3. This makes the entire weight of products made of carbon fiber materials compared with products made of other materials. It can be seen that the entire weight of UAV equipment made of fiber materials is The weight is lower, which has a good weight reduction effect, which can make the drone’s battery life better and greatly improve the competitive advantage of the drone.

4. Better carrying capacity.

The high-strength performance of carbon fiber materials can make the load-bearing capacity of drones better. For example, drone center panel products can make the load-bearing capacity of drones better, which will bring about the use of drones. Higher performance advantages, Biga’s applications for transport drones, rescue drones and other products.

5.—Advantages of body molding.

Carbon fiber tows have very good flexibility. UAV parts made of this material can better meet aerodynamic requirements and have a good one-piece molding rate, which reduces the installation cost of UAVs in applications. New situation, this gives carbon fiber unique advantages in the application of carbon fiber, making it more convenient to use.

These are the application advantages of carbon fiber materials for drone parts. We also produce carbon fiber drone parts for many drone manufacturers. Most of them are customized production, so there is no need to worry about performance. If necessary, everyone is welcome to come for consultation.

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Post time: Oct-25-2023

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