Application of carbon fiber materials in automobiles

Carbon fiber is very common in life, but few people pay attention to it. As a high-performance material that is familiar and unknown, it has the inherent characteristics of carbon material-hard, and the processing characteristics of textile fibersoft. Known as the king of materials. It is a high-end material often used in airplanes, rockets, and bulletproof vehicles.

Carbon fiber is widely used, and its application in automobiles is becoming more and more mature, first in F1 racing cars. Now also used in civilian cars, the carbon fiber components exposed on the surface have a unique pattern, carbon fiber car cover show a sense of the future.

As a major producer of automobiles and drones, China has become the carbon fiber raw material market chosen by many overseas companies and carbon fiber enthusiasts. We can customize many unused carbon fiber products, such as carbon fiber frame,carbon fiber cutting part, carbon fiber wallet.

Edison invented carbon fiber in 1880. He discovered carbon fiber when he experimented with filaments. After more than 100 years of development and innovation, BMW used carbon fiber on i3 and i8 in 2010, and since then started the application of carbon fiber in automobiles.

The carbon fiber as the reinforcing material and the resin of the matrix material constitute the carbon fiber composite material. Made into our common carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber boom.

Carbon fiber is used in car frames, seats, cabin covers, drive shafts, rear-view mirrors, etc. The car has several advantages.

Lightweight: With the development of new energy electric vehicles, the battery life requirements are getting higher and higher. While striving for innovation, it is a good way to choose and replace from the body structure and materials. Carbon fiber composite material is 1/4 lighter than steel and 1/3 lighter than aluminum. It changes the endurance problem from the weight and is more energy-saving.

Comfort: The soft stretch performance of carbon fiber, any shape of components can fit each other very well, it has a good improvement on the noise and vibration control of the whole vehicle, and will greatly improve the comfort of the car.

Reliability: Carbon fiber has high fatigue strength, its impact energy absorption is good, it can still maintain its strength and safety while reducing the weight of the vehicle, reducing the safety risk factor brought by lightweight, and increasing customer The trust of carbon fiber material.

Improved life: Some parts of automobiles have high quality standards in harsh environments, which are different from the instability of ordinary metal parts in the natural environment. The corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and waterproof properties of carbon fiber materials enhance the use of automobile parts life.

In addition to the automotive field, it is also widely used in daily necessities, such as music-carbon fiber guitar, furniture-carbon fiber desk, and electronic products-carbon fiber keyboard.

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