Carbon fiber processing, how are carbon fiber products processed?

Carbon fiber material is a very high-performance composite material. It not only inherits the high-performance advantages of carbon fiber material, but also has the performance of the matrix material very well. This is also a performance advantage that many composite materials have and can be very good. It is best to inherit the advantages of several composite materials. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of carbon fiber products. This article will talk about the relevant knowledge of carbon fiber processing to better understand carbon fiber products.

In the production of carbon fiber products, our production process is to first determine the size of the product according to the customer’s product needs, and then conduct corresponding customized production according to the drawings of the carbon fiber products to see how much raw materials are needed, and then provide certain technology Suggestions and price methods. In the production of carbon fiber products, the raw materials of carbon fiber composite materials are selected according to the performance requirements, and then the prepreg is cut and laid according to the initially designed layup. Usually, O*°, ± 45, 90″ angle auxiliary layer method, carbon fiber products are produced according to the initial design method. In the production and processing of carbon fiber products, what is very important is actually the communication of details.

Four processing methods of carbon fiber:

1. Grinding. Grinding makes the overall precision of carbon fiber products better meet precision requirements. For example, the surface precision of carbon fiber plates can make the flatness better.

2. Drilling. Drilling is to use a tool to make holes on the carbon fiber product to better complete the assembly requirements, including some that require nuts and threads to complete the assembly. They also need to drill holes first, so this requires drilling. The requirements for the cutter head are relatively high, so as to avoid delamination during processing. This is something that needs to be paid attention to.

3. Turning. Turning is basically the processing performed on carbon fiber products in order to make the entire size of the carbon fiber products better meet the requirements. Most of the large-sized products undergo large-angle cutting processes.

4. Milling, milling is more of a correction processing method. This is mostly a correction processing method for some products. Pay attention to avoid burrs or delamination during the processing.

Then when we process carbon fiber, we will find that when processing carbon fiber, the requirements for the cutting tools are very high. We must ensure that the cutting tools are sharp, so that it is not easy for burrs to delaminate during processing. For the purchase of carbon fiber products, you can look for carbon fiber product manufacturers with ten years of production experience. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of carbon fiber products. We have ten years of rich experience in the field of carbon fiber and are engaged in the production and production of carbon fiber products. We have complete processing and molding equipment and complete processing machines. We are able to produce various types of carbon fiber products and customize them according to drawings. The carbon fiber board products produced are also exported to many industries and receive unanimous recognition and praise.

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