Carbon fiber UAV shell application, long battery life is improved.

Now there are many types of drones, and people often see drone test flights in holiday parks. In addition to caring about the performance of drones, they also care about the endurance of drones. From time to time, we will start from the material of the drone, and there will be the application of the carbon fiber drone shell, which will better improve the endurance performance of the drone.

First of all, look at the density performance. The density of spherical carbon fiber material is only 1.6g/cm3. At this density, the whole weight of the produced carbon broken fiber UAV shell is very low, which is why the carbon fiber shell is applied. The important reason for the longer battery life of the drone is that the low quality will help the performance of the drone’s ascension, which can make the drone fly better, and after the battery life is higher, no one will The safety of the machine will also be better, and it is not easy to fall without power.

The second is that the strength of the carbon fiber material is very good, which makes the overall modulus of the carbon fiber UAV casing high, and the internal load-carrying capacity includes daily storage and collision during use, which can effectively guarantee that no one knows the whole The safety of the structure, even if there is a collision, the shaft is damaged and repaired, and the internal precision parts are still very safe.

In addition, the overall aerodynamics of the carbon fiber drone shell is better, and it has good designability, which can better meet the aerodynamics of drone flight, and the overall flight efficiency is better, including in special-shaped structures. aspect. It can be integrally formed to avoid the situation of multiple assembly and fixing, so that the structural stability of the entire shell of the drone is better.

Furthermore, the service life of carbon fiber drones is relatively good. The entire carbon fiber material has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance and oxidation resistance. This can effectively improve the overall service life of drones that are often outdoors, and will not be like metal. The material is easy to rust, and it will not age easily like plastic materials, which improves the cost performance of the drone.

The highlight of the overall high performance is that the lightweight effect has been better improved. With the help of lower density, under the same structural size, the overall weight of the drone made of carbon fiber can be reduced by 30%. The battery life can be improved by 20%, and with the improvement of battery performance technology, the battery life will be better. This is why many high-performance drones are not simply carbon fiber drone shells, including carbon fiber drones. An important cause of wing as well as overall bowl fibrosis.

The above is the interpretation of the application of the carbon fiber UAV casing. The carbon fiber UAV casing is actually designed for machining, so carbon fiber product manufacturers are divided into customized processing parts here, so when choosing broken fiber crazy fiber products When the company produces this kind of product, it needs to look for its strength, and the manufacturer with many years of production experience is the first choice.

Post time: Jul-17-2023

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