Forming process for carbon fiber

Carbon fiber forming process including molding method, Hand paste lamination method, vacuum bag hot pressing method, winding molding method, and pultrusion molding method. The most common process is the molding method, which is mainly used to make carbon fiber auto parts or carbon fiber industrial parts.

In the market, the tubes we see are usually made by the molding method. Such as round carbon fiber tubes, carbon square rods, octagonal booms and other shapes tubing. All shape carbon fiber tubes are made by metal mold, and then compression molding. But they are a bit different in the production process. The main difference is to open one mold or two molds. Due to the round tube does not have a very complicated frame, usually, only one mold is enough to control the tolerance of both inner and outer dimensions. And the inner wall is smooth. while carbon fiber square tubes and other shapes of pipes, if only use one mold, the tolerance is usually not easy to control and the internal dimensions are very rough. Therefore, if the customer does not have a high requirement about the tolerances on the inner dimension, we will recommend that the customer only open the outer mold. This way can save money. But if the customer also has requirements for the inner tolerance, it needs to open inner and outer mold to produce.

Here is a brief introduction to the different forming processes for carbon fiber products.

1. Molding method. Put the Prepreg resin into a metal mold, pressurize it to overflow the extra glue, and then cure it at high temperature to form a final product after demolding.

2. The carbon fiber sheet impregnated with glue is reduced and laminated, or the resin is brushed while laying, and then hot-pressed.

3. Vacuum bag hot pressing method. Laminate on the mold and cover it with a heat-resistant film, press the laminate with a soft pocket and solidify it in a hot autoclave.

4. Winding molding method. The carbon fiber monofilament is wound on the carbon fiber shaft, which is suitable for making carbon fiber tubes and hollow carbon fiber products.

5. Pultrusion method. The carbon fiber is completely infiltrated, the excess resin and air are removed by pultrusion, and then cured in a furnace. This method is simple and suitable for preparing carbon fiber rod-shaped and tubular parts.

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