Points to note when processing delamination of carbon fiber products

The high-performance advantages of carbon fiber materials have allowed carbon fiber products to be used very well in many fields. Many broken carbon fiber products have assembly requirements. When assembly requirements are met, they must be machined to better complete the corresponding tasks. For assembly, special attention must be paid during machining to avoid delamination of carbon fiber products during processing.

In the machining of carbon fiber products, there are processes such as edge trimming, grinding, drilling, iron cutting, etc., which are prone to delamination, which is a common method in drilling processing. Let’s first look at the reasons for its delamination, and then what aspects can be used to improve this problem.

Analysis of the causes of delamination during processing of carbon fiber products.

Drilling is relatively prone to delamination. When drilling with a drilling machine, the main cutting edge of the cutter head is first close to the carbon fiber product. It first peels off the surface and then cuts off the fibers inside. During the cutting process It is easy for delamination to occur in the process, so when cutting, it needs to be cut quickly and at once. If the blunt force for drilling and cutting is too great, it will easily lead to large-scale cracking around the drilling area of the carbon fiber product, leading to delamination. .

In the production of carbon fiber pipes and carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber prepreg layers are often solidified at high temperatures. When drilling, the drilling axial force will generate thrust, which will easily produce interlayer stress, and the stress will be too large. , exceeds the bearing range, and delamination is prone to occur. Therefore, if the axial force is greater, the thrust between the layers will be greater, and delamination has already occurred. Therefore, when machining carbon fiber products, it is necessary to test The experience of our machining technicians.

In addition, the thicker the carbon fiber product, the easier it is to delaminate when drilling, because as the drill bit enters the inside of the product, the thickness of the drilled area slowly decreases, and the strength of the drilled area also decreases, so the product The greater the axial force the drilled area will bear, which will lead to a higher rate of cracking and delamination.

How to improve the processing delamination of carbon fiber products.

As we know above, the reason why carbon fiber products are processed into layers is that the cutting process must be done in one go and the thrust brought by the control of axial force. In order to ensure that the processing of carbon fiber products is not easy to delaminate, we can improve it from these three aspects.

1. Professional processing master. In processing, the axial force of the drill bit is very important, so this depends on the professional master. On the one hand, this is the strength of the carbon fiber product manufacturer. You can choose a reliable carbon fiber product manufacturer, and you can have Professional processing master. If not, you need to recruit.

2. Selection of drill bits. The material of the drill bit must first be selected with high strength. The strength of carbon fiber itself is high, so it requires a relatively high-strength drill bit. Try to choose carbide, ceramic alloy, and diamond drill bits, and then pay attention after processing. Even if the drill bit is replaced due to wear, under normal circumstances, if a diamond-coated alloy drill bit is used, more than 100 holes can usually be drilled.

3. Dust handling. When drilling thick carbon fiber products, pay attention to the handling of dust in the hole. If the dust is not cleaned, high-speed drill bits may easily lead to incomplete cutting when drilling. In severe cases, it may cause carbon fiber cracks. Products are scrapped.

The above is about the processing and stratification of carbon fiber products. It can better understand the considerations of carbon fiber product decoration, making the application of carbon fiber products more convenient. When choosing to purchase customized carbon fiber products, you must consider the carbon fiber product manufacturers. Strength, we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of carbon fiber products. We have ten years of rich experience in the field of carbon fiber. We are engaged in the production and processing of carbon fiber products. We have complete molding equipment and complete processing machines, and can complete various types of carbon fiber products. Production, customized production according to drawings. The carbon fiber board products produced are also exported to many industries and receive unanimous recognition and praise.

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