Three aspects of carbon fiber plate price calculation, basis for carbon fiber plate quotation

Carbon fiber material has extremely low density but extremely high strength performance. Therefore, when pursuing high performance and lightweight, this material is often used to replace traditional metal material products. For example, carbon fiber plate is a product that has eliminated traditional plates. So how is the price of carbon fiber plates calculated? Our editor will tell you about it in this article.

The price of carbon fiber panels is mainly related to three aspects:

1. The price of raw materials, that is, the raw materials for making carbon fiber boards. Carbon fiber boards are entirely produced from carbon fiber prepregs. A lot of carbon fiber prepregs are needed, so the price of raw materials is the first thing to consider, and carbon fiber Because the production of raw materials is difficult, the price of raw materials will be correspondingly more expensive. If they are high-performance raw materials, the price will be more expensive. In addition, the price of imported carbon fiber prepregs from abroad will also be higher than domestic prices. high.

2. The size of the carbon fiber board. The larger the size of the carbon fiber board, the higher the corresponding raw material used. For example, the thicker the thickness, the more layers of carbon fiber prepreg are needed. If there are more, the carbon fiber products will take longer and the labor cost will be higher, which will also lead to higher carbon fiber plate processing, because the more difficult it is to produce carbon fiber plates, the corresponding price will definitely be higher.

3. What is the processing situation of the plate? If the plate processing is more, the corresponding price will be higher. Because it involves the processing, the labor time required will be longer, and the price will be higher. , so this is why during the customer consultation stage, we will first look at the customer’s plate drawings, that is, to understand the processing conditions of the carbon fiber plate, in order to determine how much labor is required, and then make a targeted quotation.

These are the relevant contents about the price calculation of carbon fiber boards. When purchasing carbon fiber boards, you should choose high-quality carbon fiber product manufacturers, because this can ensure that the entire product of carbon fiber boards has high precision and good product performance. The quality of the entire carbon fiber plate is guaranteed.

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