What is the difference of Carbon fiber sheet Layout?

0°/ 90° (standard and more commonly used arrangement)


This is the standard layup for carbon fiber boards and is suitable for most applications. With 0°/90° layup, the carbon plate provides high strength and rigidity in the axial and transverse directions. Our 0°/90° carbon fiber board is a unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg uniformly distributed in the 0° and 90° directions. However, for the “X” FPV frame, under the premise of relatively saving costs, the arms cut out of the carbon fiber board made by this arrangement are relatively weak.

Quasi-isotropic (0°/90°/+45°/-45°)-special strength paving

More and more customers choose the “X” FPV frame all-in-one model. In order to meet customers’ needs in terms of strength and price, we use 0°/90°/45° unidirectional cloth fabric balanced symmetrical lamination when producing carbon fiber laminates. This increased 45° stack is more rigid on the shaft. Our quasi-plates are uniformly distributed unidirectional carbon fiber prepregs with directions of 0°, 90°, +/-45°. This arrangement meets the highest cost-effective requirements of the “X” FPV frame.

Stocked carbon fiber sheet

We have made stocks of different thicknesses of commonly used carbon fiber boards, and the normal stock sizes are 400X500mm and 500X600mm. We have many different thickness and size options. At the same time, we can also customize boards with different thicknesses of 0.3-30mm. The size of the carbon fiber board can also be customized. The largest board we have ever made is 1200X2000mm. For the carbon fiber board in stock, we can arrange the shipment within 2-3 working days. Want to buy carbon fiber board or get the latest price, please send an inquiry or email info@feimoshitech.com. In addition, if you need a carbon fiber board with a special size or thickness, please let us know, and we can customize the carbon fiber board according to your specifications.

large carbon fiber plate

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