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At present, the carbon fiber industry is in a period of explosive growth, and the growth rate of the carbon fiber demand market will remain at around 17% in the future. Rc Frame, 3k Composite Plate, Cnc Cutting, Card Holder Carbon Fiber,Composite Plate. For special-shaped parts with complex shapes, if you want to use carbon fiber to complete it, you need to design 3D engineering drawings in the early stage, and make unique production molds according to the design drawings. Only after the mold is manufactured, can a series of processing processes be carried out, such as carbon fiber pre-soaking and laying, drying and forming, and finally the finished carbon fiber special-shaped parts can be produced. In the early stage of high-precision special-shaped parts, a large number of estimates and tests must be carried out, and the best scheme design and production methods must be sorted out to produce composite standard carbon fiber special-shaped parts products. During this period, all stages such as design plan, raw material selection, mold quality, construction quality control, etc. must be strictly followed. Neglect at all stages will jeopardize the final quality of the product. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Georgia, Jeddah,Nairobi, Brazil.Cutting Carbon Fiber Laminates: Carbon fiber plastic sheets can be cut with standard tools ranging from scissors and razor blades to thinner plastic sheets, milled cut-off wheels and dremel tools. For cutting many carbon fiber double plates, we propose to use carbide cutting tools, wear-resistant material type cutting machines or diamond film-forming tools. Basic steel tools can cut carbon plates, but because of the breakage characteristics of all aluminum alloy plates, standard tools can quickly break down in extra-heavy cutting applications. The control panel can then be simply sanded and polished, allowing you to trim the close and sanded edges to final specifications to maintain a clean, uncluttered edge.

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