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Carbon fiber and carbon fiber tube have different pressure capacity. Why are carbon fiber and carbon fiber tubes different in pressure? This is because carbon fiber is not the same as carbon fiber composite material. Carbon fiber composite material is an intermediate material that is fused with carbon fiber and resin. In terms of performance, carbon fiber is much higher than carbon fiber composite materials, but carbon fiber cannot be used as a material alone. 1. Carbon fiber pressure bearing capacity: The tensile strength of carbon fiber material is 3530MPa, 1MPa=1N/mm2, which is 3530N/mm2, which means that it can withstand a force of 3530 Newtons on a cross section of 1 square millimeter, which is 353Kg. 2. The pressure-bearing capacity of carbon fiber composite materials: the carbon fiber tube with T700 grade, 1.6mm thickness, 50mm inner diameter and 500mm length is used for testing, and the measured tensile strength is about 230MPa, that is, the cross section of 1 square millimeter bears a force of 230 Newtons , which is 23Kg. Composite Plate, Carbon Fiber Rod, Design Composite, Large Diameter Carbon Fiber Tube,Composite Frame. Carbon fiber can be divided into polythiophene-based carbon fiber, bitumen-based carbon fiber, viscose-based carbon fiber, phenolic resin-based carbon fiber, and gas chromatography-grown carbon fiber according to the source of raw materials; Model and very high solid model carbon fiber; divided into long filament, short fiber and chopped fiber according to the situation; divided into general-purpose and high-performance type according to structural mechanical properties. Universal carbon fiber has a strength of 1000Mpa and a modulus of up to 100GPa. High-performance carbon fiber is divided into high-strength type (strength 2000Mpa, modulus 250GPa) and high solid model (modulus above 300GPa). Those whose strength exceeds 4000Mpa are also called ultra-high-strength models; those whose modulus exceeds 450Gpa are called extremely high solid models. Along with the development trend of the aerospace and aerospace industries, high-strength and high-elongation carbon fibers have also been produced, with a tensile strength of more than 2%. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Casablanca, Netherlands,Cologne, Israel.Carbon fiber board can directly process flat parts, which is relatively simple. In the design, it is best to use a comprehensive molding design structure to optimize the structure as much as possible. Because carbon fiber composites have poor toughness and are not resistant to mechanical friction, metal connections are usually required to achieve combined structures between parts.

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