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Carbon fiber board is a composite material composed of carbon fiber filaments and resin. The resulting product is lightweight, yet strong and durable. Carbon fiber sheets come in many different types to suit a variety of applications and industries, including automotive and aerospace. carbon fiber cloth, Carbon Fiber Card, Cnc Composite, Carbon Fiber Plate Keyboard,Hexagon Carbon Fiber Tube. The production process of carbon fiber tubes is different, and the strength of the products produced is also different. Taking T700 carbon fiber and resin as raw materials and a carbon fiber tube made by winding molding process as an example, the carbon fiber tube with a size of 1.6*50*500mm is tested, and it can be found that the average compressive strength of the carbon fiber tube can reach 230MPa, which will occur when the load is exceeded. Brittle failure, the strength of the matrix determines the strength of the carbon fiber tube.In the tensile strength test of the carbon fiber tube, it was found that the carbon tube can withstand a tensile strength of more than 800MPa, and the maximum strain is 0.03, and the tensile resistance of the carbon tube is very good.Carbon fiber composite materials have many advantages such as light weight and high strength. Carbon fiber tubes can be made by winding, rolling, and pultrusion. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Nigeria, America,Kuwait, Madras.The surface of the wound carbon fiber prepreg must be coated with a layer of OPP, and then the wound carbon fiber tube is sent to a high-temperature curing furnace to dry and form, and finally the mold is released, and the unstable parts on both sides are cut off to carry out production and processing solutions.

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