Custom triangle full carbon fiber tube for industry

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Custom triangle full carbon fiber tube for industry

•good looking •Lasting Performance
•Light Weight - Less Density - 20% Of Steel •Excellent Structural Properties
•High Strength •Environmentally Safe
•High Corrosion Resistance •Dimensional Stability
•Superior Dimensional Stability •Non-Magnetic Electromagnetic
•Wide Temperature Range Use •Ease Of Fabrication & Installation


•Automotive •Sporting Goods
•Light Aircraft Tubing •Advertising Panels
•Construction •Robotic Arms & Supports
•Advertising Panels •Power Generation
•Corrosion Resistant Equipment Marine • Mechanical Equipment
•Photography & Sound Booms •Wastewater Treatment

We could do the different type carbon fiber tube in about ten years experience, for example:

1.Carbon fiber round tube
2.Carbon fiber tapered tube
3.Carbon fiber square tube
4.Carbon fiber rectangle tube

5.Carbon fiber triangular tube
6.Carbon fiber hexagon tube
7.Carbon fiber octagonal tube
8.Carbon fiber oval tube
We can customize carbon fiber products of different sizes and shapes.
The light weight and high strength of carbon fiber products determine that carbon fiber raw materials can be used in different fields.
At present, carbon fiber is widely used in drones, industry, military, medical, and daily necessities.
With the development of society, more and more people prefer products made of this material.
Some specific shapes of carbon fiber products require molds to make the required models.
You can provide the drawings of the products you want, and our professional design team will combine practice and theory to match and produce products that both parties are satisfied with.
Roll-Wrapped prepreg carbon fiber tube is made of multi-turn twill fabric and/or unidirectional fabric.
Rolled tubes are ideal for applications that require the highest bending stiffness and lowest weight, such as automation, robotics, telescopic poles, idlers, and drone components.
In addition, the longer versions of these tubes are available with high modulus and ultra-high modulus carbon fibers, as well as outer fabrics such as colored Kevlar fabrics.
Our carbon fiber tubes are made by winding unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg fabric on a mandrel.
These tubes are made of 100% real carbon fiber material, imported from Japan Toray Company. They are the most common carbon fiber grades of our carbon fiber. Fiber tube.
This standard modulus provides excellent strength and stiffness.
The carbon fiber triangle tube is made by fixing the shape of the inner and outer mold steel and making the coil winding.
This kind of tube can make the tolerance size of the specific tube more accurate.
Under normal circumstances, the tolerance can reach +/-0.1-0.2mm, which is a lot Customers want products with nested pipe structures to provide a better splicing structure.

custom carbon tube

square carbon fiber tube

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