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At this stage, many product parts are made of carbon fiber. Most parts are not standard plate and tube products. In the application environment, there are some inclination and shape regulations. Carbon fiber composite materials have good ductility, and epoxy resin can complete various intricate shapes in the flow of the mold. At this stage, the customized industry has a very large demand for such special-shaped parts. Some customers do not understand the basic knowledge of the production and application of carbon fiber special-shaped parts. Drill Composite Tube, Drill Carbon, Rc Racing Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Race Car Parts,Carbon Fiber Guitar. For floor plan parts, it is much easier to carry out CNC lathe machining directly with carbon fiber sheets. In specific applications, carbon fiber special-shaped parts must take into account the assembly and connection issues with other raw material parts. In the design process, it is best to apply the design construct of the collection and try to structure it as well as possible. Because carbon fiber composite materials have poor ductility and are not resistant to mechanical equipment friction, metal material connectors are usually used to complete the matching structure between parts. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Poland, United Kingdom,Azerbaijan, Kenya.Health and Safety FAQ: Carbon fiber soot is non-toxic, but mildly irritating to the skin, eyes and lungs, just like glass fiber. We recommend that you wear a dust mask to try to avoid any itching or stinging, especially when cutting or sanding. Edges can be quite sharp, so rubber gloves are also important to prevent cuts and cuts.

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