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After data comparison, it is obvious that there is a gap between the mechanical properties of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials, but even so, the carbon fiber pipe made of carbon fiber composite material far exceeds the pressure bearing capacity of steel pipe. Octagonal Carbon Fiber Tube, Carbon Fiber Mount, Carbon Fiber Composite, Aluminum Composite,Large Carbon Fiber Panels. Carbon fiber (carbon fiber, commonly known as CF) is a new fiber raw material with high strength and high modulus fiber with a carbon content of more than 95%. It is made of bulk high-purity graphite nanocrystalline and other organic chemical fibers piled up along the radial direction of the fiber, and is a nanocrystalline graphite material obtained by carbonization and graphitization. Carbon fiber is "soft with rigidity", its weight is lighter than that of metal aluminum, but its strength exceeds that of steel, and it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus. It is a key raw material for national defense, military industry and civilian use. It not only has the original intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the soft and processable properties of textile fibers. It is a new generation of improved fibers. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Bandung, Denver,Switzerland, Myanmar.There are many kinds of carbon fiber tube production processes, such as winding molding, pultrusion molding, compression molding, roll molding, autoclave molding, air bag molding, etc., carbon fiber tubes with different needs often use different production processes. Common square tube molding and round tube rolling. The carbon fiber prepreg is used here, minus the impregnation process. Can improve production efficiency.

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