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The basic properties of chopped carbon fiber are mainly inherited from its raw material, continuous carbon fiber. What kind of continuous carbon fiber is used as the raw material also directly determines the price of chopped carbon fiber. The tensile strength of continuous carbon fibers directly affects the tensile properties of chopped carbon fiber composite thermoplastics. Some chopped carbon fiber manufacturers will mix different types of continuous carbon fibers due to insufficient raw material supply or cost issues, but this will lead to unstable properties of chopped carbon fiber composite thermoplastic materials. Therefore, when purchasing chopped carbon fiber, it is best to ask the supplier to indicate the type or main performance of continuous carbon fiber on the quality inspection sheet. Carbon Fiber Tube Drilling, Carbon Fiber Desktop, Cnc Cutting, Carbon Fiber Guitar,Carbon Fiber Car Chassis. The most widely used is polythiophene PAN-based carbon fiber. At present, more than 90% of carbon fibers on the market are dominated by PAN-based carbon fibers. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Afghanistan, Angola,Surabaya, Denver.Molded carbon fiber square tube: The carbon fiber square tube is turned into a rectangular tube, and the prepreg layer is carried out through a rectangular mold. First, according to the size of the square tube, the mold is made, and the prepreg is cut, and then layer by layer. Lay the carbon fiber prepreg on top of the square tube, each layer of prepreg can complete a circle of the square tube, after the layup is completed, the mold is clamped and fixed, and then sent to the curing equipment to complete the curing, and so on. After that, the mold is disassembled, and the core mold is demolded to obtain a carbon fiber square tube.

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