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The basic properties of chopped carbon fiber are mainly inherited from its raw material, continuous carbon fiber. What kind of continuous carbon fiber is used as the raw material also directly determines the price of chopped carbon fiber. The tensile strength of continuous carbon fibers directly affects the tensile properties of chopped carbon fiber composite thermoplastics. Some chopped carbon fiber manufacturers will mix different types of continuous carbon fibers due to insufficient raw material supply or cost issues, but this will lead to unstable properties of chopped carbon fiber composite thermoplastic materials. Therefore, when purchasing chopped carbon fiber, it is best to ask the supplier to indicate the type or main performance of continuous carbon fiber on the quality inspection sheet. Carbon Fiber Cut, Composite Drone Frame, Composite Plate Fit, Carbon Fiber Canoe Paddle,Rc Composite Frame. When the surface moisture is completely dry, you can design and make the driving path of the spray gun according to the shape of the carbon fiber tube to carry out spray painting. When painting, pay attention to the evenness of the paint. Generally, the carbon fiber tube has to be sprayed three times: topcoat, varnish, and surface clear paint, and each time it is sprayed, it must be baked once. During the whole process of painting, it is found that there are paint particles or dents on the surface of the carbon fiber tube, and it must be polished or compensated until the surface is smooth, so that the painting process of the carbon fiber tube is completed. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Israel, Albania,Finland, New Zealand.For special parts with complex shapes, a series of processes such as carbon fiber prepreg laying, curing and molding can be performed only after the mold is completed, and finally the finished carbon fiber special shape parts are produced. During this period, strict planning, raw material selection, mold quality, construction quality control and other links are required, and any negligence in any link will affect the final quality of the product.

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