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The molding methods of carbon fiber products mainly include two ways: First, the molding process, the molding is to place the carbon fiber material between the upper and lower molds, under the action of the pressure and temperature of the hydraulic press, the material fills the mold cavity and removes the residual Air, after a period of high temperature and high pressure, solidifies the resin in the carbon fiber material, and a carbon fiber product can be obtained after demolding. This process greatly reduces the production cost, and has high production efficiency, and is suitable for forming carbon fiber products with complex structures. Second, the autoclave forming process, the autoclave is a special container that can withstand and adjust the stability and pressure within a certain range. The carbon fiber prepreg is laid on the surface of the mold coated with mold release agent, and then covered with mold release cloth, suction felt, isolation film, and air felt in turn, sealed in a vacuum bag, and heated and cured in an autoclave. Before, it needs to be vacuumed to check the tightness, and then put into an autoclave for curing and molding under the action of high temperature and high pressure. This process is suitable for load-bearing structural parts that require high mechanical properties. colored carbon fiber plate, Carbon Fiber Folding Table, Carbon Fiber Square Pipe, Carbon Fiber Shoehorn,Carbon Fiber Uav. The production process of carbon fiber tubes is different, and the strength of the products produced is also different. Taking T700 carbon fiber and resin as raw materials and a carbon fiber tube made by winding molding process as an example, the carbon fiber tube with a size of 1.6*50*500mm is tested, and it can be found that the average compressive strength of the carbon fiber tube can reach 230MPa, which will occur when the load is exceeded. Brittle failure, the strength of the matrix determines the strength of the carbon fiber tube.In the tensile strength test of the carbon fiber tube, it was found that the carbon tube can withstand a tensile strength of more than 800MPa, and the maximum strain is 0.03, and the tensile resistance of the carbon tube is very good.Carbon fiber composite materials have many advantages such as light weight and high strength. Carbon fiber tubes can be made by winding, rolling, and pultrusion. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,United States, United Arab Emirates,Sevilla, USA.In general, grinding and filing can grind the edges of sharp carbon fiber boards to a smooth appearance. However, if the fiberboard is exposed to harsh environments for a long time, such as marine environments, a two-part epoxy laminate is used to seal the edges.According to the different divisions of carbon fiber precursors, there are generally pitch-based carbon fiber cloth, PAN-based carbon fiber cloth, and viscose-based carbon fiber cloth.Second, according to different specifications, it can be divided into 1K, 3K, 6K, 12K and 24K and above carbon fiber cloth.Third, according to different carbonization, it can also be divided into graphitized carbon fiber cloth, (this carbon fiber cloth can withstand high temperature of 2,000 to 3,000), carbon fiber cloth (can cope with high temperature of about 1,000 degrees), and pre-oxidized carbon fiber cloth (can Resist the high temperature of 200~3 Baidu).Fourth, according to different manufacturing methods, subsequent divisions can be performed. Woven carbon fiber cloth, generally two-dimensional cloth, three-dimensional cloth and three-dimensional woven cloth, etc.; carbon fiber prepreg cloth, including dry and wet prepreg cloth; carbon fiber non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, also known as chopped strand mat, Continuous felt, surface felt, stitched felt, etc.

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